RMD Structural Remodeling System

RMD Structural Remodeling System

The RMD is a unique system, the most evaluated on the market which aims to satisfy the need to improve one’s wellbeing by significantly reducing the signs of aging through non-invasive, non-surgical means.
Our device is designed to distinctively support the treatment of skin texture, the smoothing of age-related expression lines, the tightening of pores and the toning of facial and neck muscles.
Several mechanisms of action are involved:
  • improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation,
  • stimulation of fibroblast activity,
  • increase of collagen and NO synthesis,
  • restoration of skin cell homeostasis.

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The alternative to surgical lifting

The only device on the market to have a targeted action on all the structures of the face and neck:
  • epidermis
  • dermis
  • muscles tissue

5 recognized electrotherapy technologies

It offers high-performance treatments that allow you to:
  • Smooth and fill wrinkles and fine lines
  • Redensify sagging muscles
  • Firm the skin
  • Tighten pores
  • Plump, bring radiance and improvement to the epidermis

Before & After

Deep crows feet improved and overall skin texture refined

Improvement of deep lines and crepey skin texture

Skin Remodeling System Orlando


Single Sessions: $195
6 Treatment Package: $1,170
8 Treatment Package: $1,560
12 Treatment Package: $2,340