Reopening Protocols

We Care About You!

We deeply care about the health of both our clients and our employees. That’s why we pledge to uphold the highest standards, and follow the Government mandated guidelines. In order to cover the additional costs for Personal Protective Equipment, as well as the sanitation and disinfection products we are using to keep everyone safe, please be advised that a $5.00 surcharge will be added to your final bill.

Outlined below are our reopening protocols which will ensure the highest level of safety for all.

Preparing For Your Appointment

You are asked to wear a face mask in the location at all times. Please bring a personal mask with you as we will have a limited quantity of disposable masks available. To remain mindful of the environment, we are kindly asking clients to bring a reusable mask from home, in order to limit the amount of waste from disposable masks used.

For haircut clients; we suggest bringing two reusable masks with you for comfort, as some hair clippings may fall into your mask during the service. Having a fresh mask to change into at the end of the service may be preferable for you!

Arrive in clean clothing, with only your personal device and form of payment.

Arrive no more than five minutes before your booked appointment, as designated waiting areas will no longer be available. You will be asked to wait outside until your service provider is ready to serve you.

Attend appointments alone. Friends, family members, children and/or pets will be asked to stay at home.

Accept the terms and conditions sent to you via appointment confirmation, prior to arriving at the location.

Haircut clients will be asked to arrive with clean, dry hair without any styling product(s) applied.

Shampoo services will be available for the purpose of removing colour only.

Arriving At Your Appointment

If you have a salon appointment, please enter through the back entrance; if you have a spa appointment, please enter though the King Street entrance. You will not be able to walk through the building. 

You will be asked to confirm if you are feeling well – no fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.

Expect to have your temperature taken upon entering the location. We will use a contactless, infrared thermometer to check the temperature of every team member and client that enters the salon. Any team member or client with a temperature above 99°F will be sent home, advised to seek medical attention and welcomed to return to the location when a fever and symptoms of COVID-19 no longer exist.

Please disinfect your hands upon arrival, using the sanitation stations provided. It is advised to wash hands with clean water for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

Outside food and/or drinks will not be permitted in the salon. Serving beverages of any kind, magazines, and complimentary charging stations will be temporarily unavailable.

During Your Appointment

Haircut clients will be provided with a protective disposable layer, disposable neck strip, and disposable towel.

Colour clients will be asked to wear an old top and will be provided with clean laundered cape. At the chair, colour clients will be given a disposable neck strip and towel.

Haircut clients may leave with wet hair, styled with product or put up, as preferred.

Shampoo services will be available for the purpose of removing colour only. At the washbasin, the staff performing the shampoo service will wear a plexi face shield provided, for additional protection.

If you wish to purchase product(s), your stylist will collect the preferred product(s) and have them ready for the end of your service.

After Your Appointment

Please prepare to pay for service(s) and/or product(s) at the front-desk, keeping a safe social distance. A pin pad will be provided, and cashless payments will be both preferred and encouraged.

We have taken extra precautions and have put more rigorous cleaning measures in place to equip our team with additional sanitation procedures and protocols. All team members will receive supplementary health and sanitation training to prevent the spread of germs.

We Have Mandated That All Our Staff

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Wear a face shield at the washbasin when removing colour from client’s hair.
  • Wear a face shield during all face-to-face interactions with clients.
  • Wash their hands, before and after every appointment
  • Clean and disinfect all tools with alcohol, before and after every appointment.
  • Clean and disinfect their chair and station, before and after every appointment.
  • Sanitize their hands throughout the service if they change tools or step away from their station at any time
  • Use disposable (single use) towels only.
  • Stay home if they are sick and/or not feeling well.

We Will Be Contacting Clients Directly To Reschedule And Confirm Appointments

We appreciate the urgency to confirm your appointment(s); with limited phone staff, please allow our staff to contact you.

Due to the schedule changes, your appointment(s) may not stand as it was previously reserved. Our team will be working diligently to accommodate the many changes that have occurred.

Although essential, we recognize that the changes to the Panache experience as we know it are immense. We remain committed to providing an experience that is unparalleled, despite the temporary modifications we have made to our services.

We are deeply grateful for your support and understanding during this time .

We will continue to assess this situation as it evolves. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to keep well, stay informed, and follow the advice of health care officials. Please take care of yourselves, families and friends.



We will be cleaning frequently touched surfaces (tables, counters, toilets, telephones, computer accessories, etc.) minimally every 2 or 4 hours, and every hour for door handles and faucets with health Canada approved hard surface disinfectants.

Salon windows are washed and cleaned daily on both sides with usual cleaning products.

All garbage & recycling bins are emptied & removed using gloves at the end of each day. Garbage & recycling bins are sprayed with disinfectant prior to placing new bags in them.


The reception counter will be cleaned between each client.

Only booked clients will be permitted in the salon with the exception of elderly clients who need assistance; it is recommended that their caregiver waits in their car or outdoor waiting area until the client’s service is finished.

Scheduling will be reviewed in order to avoid clients in the waiting area with less than 2 meters (6 feet) distance. Clients will be advised not to show up too early for their appointments and will be notified when they can enter the salon.

We will be restricting unnecessary non-essential physical contact; tap payment is recommended. We  will only be taking debit/credit to avoid handling cash and to guard against germ transmission. If cash is used, it will be placed immediately in a plastic bag and will be sanitized. The Debit machine will be cleaned with disinfecting products after each use.


We will ensure seating in the waiting area complies with the 2-meter (6 feet) distance between seats.

Staff will disinfect seating area daily with cleaning agent approved by Health Canada.

Products for sale will be handled by clean sanitized hands only and will be completely wiped down with proper cleaning agent on a weekly basis.

Any items in the waiting area that are not easily disinfected will be removed.


Stylists will ensure that all tools and product packaging are disinfected and sanitized after every single client. They must be washed in water and soap, then disinfected as approved by Health Canada.

Tools and products will not be shared

Stylists will ensure that they have a clean workstation ready before every client. Styling chairs to be wiped down with a disinfectant approved by Health Canada. Trolley and tools to be cleaned before each new client. Hair will be swept off of floor and chair.

Stylists will ensure that between every client they practice proper sanitization of themselves as well.


Shampoo sink and chair will be disinfected after every use.

Stylists will ensure that between every client they practice proper sanitization of themselves as well.

Stylist will wear a clean cape/apron and a new pair of disposable gloves for each new client.

Stylist will apply a dry clean towel around the neck of the client as well as a clean cape prior to having the client lean back into the shampoo sink or get their coloring done.

The styling station & hair washing basin will be cleaned and disinfected after each client.